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At Keepers of Autism, you will...

  • Utilize a proven, step-by-step framework.
  • Experience a shift away from the medical model and labels.¬†
  • Use¬†relationship-based¬†strategies to achieve noticeable results.
  • Learn from 4-7 minute videos with relatable examples.
  • Have live, weekly access to Kerri and her team every Wednesday night for all your questions.¬†
  • Condense decades of knowledge into 10 weeks.¬†
  • Full course outline is listed below!¬†
Yes, I am Ready!

Keepers of Autism

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You've Tried Everything and Something Has to change...

No two kids are the same, so no two families are the same.

BUT if we were to sit down and talk to one another, we are guessing one or more of the following things would come up. 

You are TIRED and OVERWHELMED - in fact, you aren't sure if that even begins to describe it.  There are some days you aren't sure how you make it from start to finish. Most people don’t “get it” and that feels really lonely most days.

You've spent hours in various therapy sessions with your kiddo and you still can't understand why he or she does certain things, let alone have a clue how to stop it from happening. Or should you even stop it? It is hard to know what is right.

You say things like, "We've been doing this for a year and we haven’t seen enough progress." Your gut is telling you to KEEP SEARCHING for better help.

You are willing to challenge the status quo and trust your instinct because you have doubts that the treatment plan, use of ABA or other services is what is right for your child.  The problem is, with all the research you've done, you can't seem to find a clear alternative.

We talk to parents all the time who are just like you. 

Often families find us when they already have help from multiple therapists or specialists. They are doing "all the things" that were recommended. But -- similar to you, they know something is missing. 

We've taken hundreds of families through the process of shifting to relationship-based, developmental care. I can't tell you how many times a mom or dad said "no one ever told us that." More importantly, you see that it actually works in your child. Just a heads up...we might cry together on our Zoom calls.

Course Outline


Week 1: The Basics 

Week 2: Relationship-Based Therapy 

Week 3: Impact of Sensory Processing on Nervous System 

Week 4: Developmental Capacities starting with Regulation 

Week 5: Social Engagement & Reciprocity 

Week 6: Complex Communication 

Week 7: Symbolic Play, Logical Thinking & Emotional Thinking 

Week 8: Multi-Causal, Grey Area, and Reflective Thinking 

Week 9: Executive Functioning 

 Week 10: Course Wrap-Up



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What Parents Are Saying...


Keepers of Autism is eye opening. It’s for any parent or caregiver who wants to learn more about the DIR Floortime model or who needs guidance and/or support from expert level Floortime instructor and her team.  The valuable lessons, which  are released weekly, fit nicely into my hectic schedule. There was never a point where I was too overwhelmed with course material, Kerri explains everything in a way that we can understand and relate too.

Ashley S.


My daughter was nonverbal. We took her out of doctor based visits and used Kerri's program specifically the last few months. I have seen so much growth. She used to not even say Mama. NOW she's starting to sing and says "Watch me"

Kelly B.


My experience with Keepers of Autism has been just what I’ve been looking for! The components are laid out in an organized, clear, and applicable way. The focus is on the child and how to better understand and connect. It is different than any other therapies we’ve tried because the parents’/ caregivers’ experience and perspective is valued, while being supported to make significant positive changes. I have appreciated how well the components are explained, and how easy it is to implement. This program is amazing!

Chelsea W.

Meet Your Therapy Keeper Team

A Little About Kerri

Families often describe me as 1.) enthusiastic, 2.) knowledgeable, 3.) going above and beyond what is expected.

I've been an Pediatric Occupational Therapist for 18 years and also a Certified Expert Level DIRFloortime Practitioner. I'm a lifelong learner-- I read, listen, and consume a lot of information about my "work" everyday. Superficial conversations and explanations have never worked for me! 

I live in New Jersey with my husband and our 3 energetic boys- Jake (11), Ryan (9), and Austin (7). My house is loud and busy. 

Click HERE to view my full portfolio

A little About Stephanie

I have a long-standing love of building trusting relationships with children and families while helping them achieve meaningful goals. 

I have been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist for 18 years, and like Kerri, am Certified in DIRFloortime. I place careful intention into utilizing a combination of intuition, knowledge and experience to guide me.

I currently reside in New Hampshire with my husband, children and our elderly rescue dog.¬†My favorite role is ‚Äúmom‚ÄĚ of 2 children, (now ages 8 & 10), with their own unique needs. They have blessed me with a new perspective to better serve families.¬†

I seek solace in running to be sure my head and heart remain aligned. 

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